Happy fellow in snowy weather!

Tibama's Happy Dancer (Jerry) 20 months old - our most promising B/T-male at the moment


Click on the photos for the pedigrees

Salador Channon, DOB 5th November 2001 - 1 CC

Norw.Ch.Black Cotton Amantra, DOB 17th September 2003

Tibama's Imaginary Christofer Robin, DOB 7th February 2003 - 3 CC's

Harana Ringo Starr, DOB 6th April 2005

Tibama's Exotic Yvon Mau, DOB 25th February 2004

Salador Comfy, DOB 30th June 2005

Tibama's Thief of Hearts, DOB 27th January 2003

Tibama's Incredible Rockstar, DOB 5th June 2005

Tibama's Santas Sensation, DOB 23rd December 2005

Xantes Prince vom Paulinenhof, DOB 28th April 2006

Amantra Alan A'Dale, DOB 7th December 2006 - 3 CC's

Tibama's Super Trooper, DOB 8th August 2006 - 1 CC


Amantra Maestro , DOB 29th October 2007

Amantra Burlesque, DOB 31th August 2006

D CH Norw.Ch.Tibama's Golden Sunshine, DOB 27th June 2004

Tibama's Happy Dancer, DOB 6th May 2007