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Tibama World Wide: We are proud to be the breeders, who were profiled in the well known and famous American Magazine "Royal Spaniels".  The whole article is placed here.

On the start-side:  Our breeder's group from the two cavalier main shows in May this year.  From the left: Tibama's Carousel, Tibama's Golden Highland, Tibama's Smooth Criminal and Tibama's the Love you Save.  We got the award "best breeder's group" on both days under the breed judges Geoffrey Porter and Maxine Fox Shone.
Other great results from the show: One of the few litters we have got this year was shown (all three puppies in the litter) at the double show, and all three puppies were placed beetween BIS2 and BIS5 on both days.  What a litter! More photos and results will follow under news.

This photo is from Saturday.

Salador Channon (Jake) our superb veteran and stud dog - now coming up to nine in autumn - had the show days of his life on the same show.  He was ever så happy and proud and ended up as 3rd best male on Saturday and 4th best male on Sunday (all ages).  Well done for a dog at his age.


Every reason for being proud!

We had another great weekend in June as well.  At this show Jacob Marley (King Charles Spaniel) got his crown with his 19th CC.  Photos will follow under news.

Dogs at stud

Salador Channon was 8 years old in November 2009.  He is still going strong - with a clear heart.  He produces lovely puppies, and his pedigree is going back to solid dogs who were all really old before they died.  One of his grandfathers was 17 years old when he passed away.

jake_winter                             Jake-standing

Salador Channon, DOB 5th November 2001 (Salador Celtino & Salador Cassy) - 1 CC - several reserves.

Now he will return back in the show ring as a veteran - as happy as ever....

The youngsters are coming on!

Our two promising beautiful youngsters, Tibama's Joker by Urmenveen (Lion)  (cavalier - tricolour) and Amantra Jacob Marley (Jacob) (charlie-Black/Tan) have during January shown to be as promising as we and the judges thought they were when they were puppies. 

Jacob has so far got 5 CC's - one in 2008 and 4 in 2009.  I think that is a record in this kennel for one dog during one month..

Lion has just been shown 3 times in January.  The first time he ended up as second in his class with a CK (under Andrew Brace).  The next time he won his class with a CK, was second for the CC and 4 best male.  The third time he once more won his class, won the CC and was 3rd best male.

Jacob is now - well deserved - on our start site.  Have a look at Lion below (our own camera was unfortunately forgotten at home)...

Tibama's Joker by Urmenveen

(D Norw.Ch.Joggum U'Ut Urmenveen & Tibama's Starlight)


Championshipshow in Kongsberg on the 9th November

The Charlies: Ch.Amantra Chopin got another BOB and Amantra Jacob Marley got his first dog CC - 9 1/2 months old.  Our other charlies were not entered.


Photos from the show.

The cavaliers: Tibama's Happy Dancer one his class (the third time on a row) and was third best male., Amantra Alan A'Dale was back after a break and won his class and got the dog CC (his fourth), was second best male and Amantra Burlesque won the open class.  A really lovely team of males!

Amantra Alan A Dale, DOB 7th Dec 2006 - 4 CC's


Championshipshows arranged by the Norwegian Toy Club and the Norwegian Dalmatiner Club on the 25th-26th October.

On the Saturday we had a day when the blenheims obviously were in the focus.  Matthew (Amantra Burlesque) was fourth best dog and second for the CC.  Our young Leona (Tibama's Jewel by Urmenveen) was out for her very first time since puppy and amazed winning a big juniorclass out of 15.

Tibama's Jewel by Urmenveen, DOB 14th August 2007

(Ch.Joggum U'ut Urmenveen & Tibama's Starlight)

Phillip (Amantra Chardonnay), our only charlie entered at these two shows, won the CC and was BOB.

Phillip winnng BOB on Saturday.

On Sunday Jerry (Tibama's Happy Dancer) was best male, got the dog CC and ended up as BOB.  Later on the day he was also placed as fourth in a huge group out of about 30 different breeds.  Aimee (Ch.Liljeskogens Karisma Kamilia) was second in championclass and ended upas 4th best bitch.

Jerry winning BOB on Sunday

Phillip (Amantra Chardonnay) repeated his succes from the day before and got the dog CC and BOB.

Phillip winning BOB on Sunday


Championshipshow arranged by the Norwegian Kennel Club in Kongsvinger on the 4th October

We had a good day, with Jerry (Tibama's Happy Dancer) winning his class and good placement for other of our cavaliers.  Phillip (Amantra Chardonnay) and Pep (Ch.Amantra Chopin) - our two charlies entered - did really well with Phillip winning the CC, ending up as second best male, and Pep winning BOB with CACIB.

Ch.Tibama's Spring Joy (Odin) now almost 10 years old, was out as a veteran.  He loved being back, "walked as a youngster" regarding the judge, and got a well deserved CK (championquality).  A really nice experience.


Con Cratulations!

Tibama dogs are doing well, also with other persons in Norway and abroad.  Below are two really nice examples:

The very first agility champion from Tibama!  La Chasse is litter brother of Tibama's Exotic Yvon Mau.

Well done and con gratulations to Marit Bonsaksen and Emil!

Tibama's Dancing on the Rainbow, DOB 26th July 2007

(Harana Ringo Starr & Tibama's Golden Rainbow)

German Youth Champion and Luxembourhg Youth Champion!

Well done and con gratulations to Joanna Stengel and Bobby!



Amantra Burlesque

We have been so lucky having got Matthew (Amantra Burlesque) joining our partycoloured team for a year.  Matthew is owned by D.Fry and T.Jackson at Amantra, but he will be staying with us for a year.  Matthew is checked for heart, patellas and eyes without comments, and he is available at stud for approved bitches...

      Amantra Burlesque, DOB 31th August 2006

(GB CH Wandris Entertainer & GB CH Amantra Madonna)


Championshipshows in Drammen 23th-24th Aug.

This was really very much like a dream of a weekend for us.  Yes - we did well, but the very best was that Baltus (Tibama's Super Trooper) was back showing after a year with hard work.  He was a very outgoing, happy young fellow last summer.  In July 2007 he was suddenly scared when the judge appeared in front of him being a bit big and with a huge rain coat.  After that time he would not even touch the area of the ring.  Lots of work and training ending up with 14 days of a holiday with a fabolous family who just cared for him all the time, Baltus is back, he is showing - and he is winning!

The results: On Saturday Matthew (Amantra Burlesque) got the dog CC and was 3rd best male.  Baltus (Tibama's Super Trooper) won open class with a CK quality.  Both Asterix (Ch. Tibama's Golden Sunshine) and Aimee (Liljeskogens Karisma Kamilia) got their placements and their CK.  Young promising Frankie (Tibama's Frank Sinatra) was BOS puppies with a really nice write up.

On Sunday Baltus (Tibama's Super Trooper) won the open class, was best male with the CC, was BOB and then ended up winning the group!  There is no reason for doubting that he is back...  We are really thankful to Inger Kristiansen and her family for all the work they have done with Baltus bringing him back to the happy showdog he really is.

Aimee (Liljeskogens Karisma Kamilia) was best bitch and ended up as BOS.  Frankie (Tibama's Frank Sinatra) was once more best puppy male.


Amantra Burlesque, DOB 31st Aug 2006  

(Ch.Wandris Entertainer & Ch.Amantra Madonna)   


                Tibama's Super Trooper, DOB 8th August 2006

                   (Ch.Joggum U'Ut Urmenveen & Tibama's Starlight

Norw.Sw.Ch.Liljeskogens Karisma Kamlia, DOB 25th Aug 2005

(Salador Channon & Liljeskogens Classic Cammilie)


Baltus (Tibama's Super Trooper) standing


Championshipshows in Hallingdal from the 1st - 3rd Aug.

This show weekend has been a tradition for years.  For some reason we have not got the same fun as some years ago.  It seems like the clubs being responsible for these shows do not choose the judges who go for our type of cavaliers and charlies.  Nevertheless we had some nice results.

Charlies: Young Jacob Marley was in his first real competetion for the BOB puppies, which he won (puppy show was Friday night).  Phillip (Amantra Chardonnay) got his second CC and was third best male on Saturday.

Cavaliers: Alan - Amantra Alan A'Dale won his class (intermediate) on both Saturday and Sunday with the CK quality.  The other ones were mainly well placed in their different classes.

Jacob Marley winning BOB puppies on Friday evening in Hallingdal


Showing charlies in a rainy weather in Nesbyen..



Championship shows in Sandefjord 20th and 21st July

This was a really great weekend for us.  On the Saturday we had no show for cavaliers, just charlies.  For our charlies this was once more a lovely day.  Phillip (Amantra Chardonnay) got his first CC and was second best male.  Victoria was again best bitch, and Pep was BOB/Victoria BOS.  Our lovely little puppy male - B/T this time - Amantra Jacob Marley was showing and walking wonderfully, and he got an excellent write up as a very promising puppy (He is!)

On the Sunday Lucy (Tibama's Julie Andrews) - our sweet, young puppy girl, wss BOB puppies.  Most of the other ones hadde really good placements in a terrible rainy weather.  Aimee - still being our coming star- was BOS  after giving up walking in the wet grass.


Adults - Judge: Svein Helgesen, Norway

We just entered two charlies on the Sunday - Portia and Victoria.  What a day!  Amantra Portia got her third CC and was a champion! Actually she has got three 'big' CC's.  Still lacking a bit in coat, she will now have a break before she is shown in champion class.  Victoria ended up as BOS - she did not like the rain either - and Portia was second best bitch.


World Winner Shows in Stockholm 3rd - 5th July 2008

We did not have the biggest expectations before a World Winner Show.  Much of our idea was seeing other dog in our breeds, but of course also doing as well as possible.  Everything put together we did pretty well.

At the cavalier world show on the Thursday Aimee was 4th best out of a huge open class of about 25.  At the toy world show on the Saturday young Phillip was best junior, got the reserve CC and ended up as 3rd best male under breed judge Erna Britt Nordin.  Our two lovely blenheims Pep and Victoria won the competition of best brace both at this show and at the World Winner show.  Victoria was 3rd in the Champion class for bitches at the world winner show, and Pep was second best champion at the Toy World Show.

Young Jerry (Tibama's Happy Dancer) was 4th best junior out of a huge class of 22 juniors at the World winner Show with an excellent write up.  Asterix and Aimee was best brace at the Cavalier World Show on the Thursday.

More photos will follow.

Norw.Sw.Ch Liljeskogens Karisma Kamilie, DOB 25th Aug 2005


Beste brace 1


Beste brace 2                                                                          Beste brace 3

Show weekend in Oslo, Kennel Club and & Cavalierclubshow on the 28th and 29th June

This was a lovely weekend.  We did really, really well.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels:


Our lovlely Aimee (Liljeskogens Karisma Kamilia) was best bitch with the CC, and she even ended up as BOB under breed judge Jan Törnblom, Hackensack.  This made her up to a Norwegian and Swedish Champion.  Asterix (Norw.Ch D CH Tibama's Golden Sunshine) ended up as second best dog.  Young Alan (Amantra Alan A'Dale) won the intermediate class with a CK.


Norw.Sw.Ch Liljeskogens Karisma Kamilie, DOB 25th Aug 2005

(Salador Channon & Liljeskogens Classic Camille)

BOS Norw.Ch Godstuens Teddy Bear and BOB Norw.Sw.Ch Liljeskogens Karisma Kamilia


Unfortunately, Aimee was not entered for Sunday.  Nevertheless - we did quite well with Alan being the best one this time.  Once more he won the intermediate class with CK, ended up as third best male with the CC (his third), and was in the end of the day BIS4.  Really nice for such a young dog.

Jerry (Tibama's Happy Dancer) was second in Junior class with an HP.

Asterix was number 4 with a CK out of a big champion class.


King Charles Spaniel

The charlies were just shown on the Saturday.  We brought three charlies.  Ch.Amantra Victoriana was best bitch, got her CACIB, and in the end her BOB.  Ch.Amantra Chopin was best male, got his CACIB and ended up as BOS.  Amantra Portia got the bitch CC and was second best bitch.  What a dream of a day for the charlies as well...

From the left: Norw.Sw.Ch Amantra Victoriana, Amantra Portia (2 CC's), Norw.Sw.Ch. Amantra Chopin


Championshipshows arranged by the Norwegian Toy club on the 21st and 22nd June 2008

The judges at these two shows were obviously not the right ones for our wholecoloured cavaliers even if they did pretty well.  Then we have real fun doing well with the puppies and the charlies instead.

On Saturday, Victoria was BOS and Pep was BOB.  On Sunday Victoria was BOB.  Young Lucy (Cavalier) was BOS puppies on the Sunday.




Norsk Koijkerklubb's Champonshipshow in Østfold, 14th June 2008

Young Lucy did extremely well at this show.  She was first BOB and ended up as BIS! 

Tibama Julie Andrews, DOB 21st July 2008

(D CH Norw.Ch.Joggum U'ut Urmenveen & Amantra Isla)


Show weekend in Vänersborg, Sweden on the 7th and 8th June


We brought with us three rubies this time.  Asterix (Ch.Tibama's Golden Sunshine) was 3rd best male (and second to the CC), Aimee (Liljeskogens Karisma Kamilia) won the bitch CC and was second best bitch.  Whoopee (Tibama's Winter Crystal) was 3rd in Open Class.  We are really happy with this result in a hard competition out of an entry of 67 cavaliers.



Liljeskogens Karisma Kamilia, DOB 25th August 2005 - 2 Norwegian CC's and 1 Swedish CC

(Salador Channon & Liljeskogens Classic Camille)

Aimee is linebred to Tibama on her mother side..

Thanks to Eva Førlandsås, Kennel Liljeskogen for getting our breeding back in such a lovely girl...

The King Charles:

On the Saturday:

Cacib and BOB to Pep (Ch.Amantra Chopin), CC, second best bitch and Swedish championship to Victoria (Ch.Amantra Victoriana) and second best male with CC and Swedish Championship to Robbie (Ch.Rosspenn Rhubert Crumble).  What a day!


Norw.Sw.Ch Rosspenn Rhubert Crumble, DOB 12th July 2005

(Gayhalo Herbert & Gayhalo TreacleTeart)

Norw.Sw.Ch.Amantra Victoriana, DOB 4th May 2005

On Sunday we just showed Robbie, since the breeder from Amantra, D.Fry was judging.

Robbie ended up as second best male - showing as a dream, but still not entirely matured.

Norw.Sw.Ch.Rosspenn Rhubert Crumble - 2nd best male.


Amantra Maestro (Merlin) is here!

We are also really happy to annonce that Merlin is here with us.  He is also presented on the start page.  To us he is a really interisting combination of the new winning bloodlines in UK, and the really old solid blood lines from Amantra, which we have known for about 15 years.  Our beloved Ch.Amantra Sea of Love, who left us last year, 13 years old, had much of the same breeding as Merlin's mother side.  Merlin is a real sweety.  He is happy, playful, but he never fights, and for some reason noone wants to fight with him either.  He has been staying here for about 3 months, and we have so far never heard him bark! (For his pedigree - just click on the photo).

Amantra Maestro DOB 29th October 2007

(Amantra Stagehand & Amantra Wake Up Maggie)



Norwegian Championship to Asterix on the Cavalierclub show on Saturday the 10th May

D CH Tibama's Golden Sunshine was showing as a dream, and he got the "big" CC he needed to be a Norwegian Champion.  He ended up as 2nd Best male and BIS 4.  Judge was Ken Town, GB.  At the show on Sunday he was 3rd best male.  Well done out from a total entry of dogs at about 100 cavaliers.

D CH N Uch Tibama's Golden Sunshine, DOB 27th June 2004

(Tibama's Red Shadow & N Uch Tibama's Golden Gracie)

Other results from Saturday (The judge on Saturday gave really few CK's all together and almost none honour prices):

Tibama's Happy Dancer

      1 JK 2 JKK 


Amantra Alan A'Dale (2 CC's)                  Tibama's Super Trooper (1 CC)            Røge's Black Rebel at Eichsfeld

1 AUK 2 AUKK                                      1 AK 3 AKK                                        1 AK 4 AKK



Tibama's Mademoiselle Cherie                    Liljeskogens Karisma Kamilia (2 CC's)

1 JK 3 JKK CK                                         1 AK 3 AKK CK 5BTK

Breeder's class: 1 Breeder's class with hounour price and a really nice write up which ended up with a sentence like: A group with which the breeder has every reason to be proud.

From the left: Ch.Tibama's Golden Sunshine, Tibama's Happy Dancer, Tibama's Winter Crystal, Tibama's Santas Present

The Cavalierclub show on Sunday the 11th May


Tibama's Happy Dancer                            Amantra Alan A'Dale (CC's)                D CH N Uch Tibama's Golden Sunshine

1 JK 2 JKK CK                                        1 AUK 2 AUKK CK                         2 CHK CK 3 BHK


                                                    Tibama's Mademoiselle Cherie - 1 JK 2 JKK CK           Tibama's Julie Andrews

We had really great fun showing them all, but showing young Julie Andrews was really funny.  Still being a real baby she did not want to walk properly on Saturday.  On Sunday she had learnt her lesson and walked round the ring as a small, but really experienced show girl.  She got the most enjoyable write up from the judge, ending up as number 5 out of 10 young bitches, where all the other ones placed were a lot more matured.


Kennel Club Championship show on the 3rd May:

Ch.Amantra Chopin and Ch.Amantra Victoriana are still going strong.  Chopin (Pep) ended up as BOB with CACIB and Victoria got BOS with CACIB.  Photos will follow.



Phillip is here! 

We are extremely proud, Phillip to present.  Phillip (Amantra Chardonnay) is soon 11 months old.  He is a son of Ch.Amantra Character who has 29 English CC's!  Phillip has done really well in his homeland, too.  Just shoven three times as a puppy, he has two BIS puppies to his credit.  A warm thank you to Diana Fry and Tracey Jackson for letting us have this lovely, happy and outgoing young male.

Amantra Chardonnay, DOB 26th March 2007

(GB CH Amantra Character & Amantra Gloriana)

For the pedigree, just click on the photo above.

Phillip standing..

Phillip winning his first BIS puppies - 6 months old



We had a dream of a showweekend on the 2nd - 3rd February in Oslo:

For photos of Candy click here.

   For photos of the puppies click here.

For photos of Robbie click here.

For photos of BOB and BOS on Saturday click here.

For photos of BOB and BOS on Sunday click here.




CC and BOB to Asterix (D Ch.Tibama's Golden Sunshine) at the championshipshow on the 13th January.

A great day for Rebel as well.

Asterix got his first Norwegian CC after he went back to Norway, while Rebel won the open class with champion quality and ended up as third best male. (The particolours were not entered for this show)..

Judge: Kirsti Lummilampi, Finland

Not to forget the charlies: Ch.Amantra Chopin and Ch.Amantra Victoriana had their first entries this year, ending as BOB and BOS.

Judge: Kirsti Lummilampi, Finland

A lovely day for the puppies at the championship on the 19th January in Sandefjord.

Young Lion (Tibama's Joker by Urmenveen) was back getting BOB puppies, and charming young Phoebe (Tibama's Ester Lauder) was BOS puppies.

BOB puppies Tibama's Joker by Urmenveen (D CH Norw.CH Joggum u'ût Urmenveen & Tibama's Starlight)

BOS puppies Tibama's Ester Lauder (Tibama's Golden Master Builder & Richalene de l'Angelarde)

Judge: Borghild Moen, Norway

Asterix ended up as secnd best male, and Cherie is still going strong.  Again she won the junior class with champion quality, and she ended up as 4th best female.  (Still nice having particolours at shows from time to time...).  Alan had to stay at home, but Snoopy (Tibama's Super Star), who has not been shown since he was a puppy, was really happy to be back and ended up as second in youngsters class with an honour price.  We are looking forward to his future showing together with Alan during spring.

Ch.Amantra Victoriana was our only charlie entry at this show, and she did defend her family, ending up as BOB.




CC for Alan (Amantra Alan A'Dale) at the Christmas show this year

We showed some dogs at the championships on the 29th and 30th December.  Not too surprising this was the weekend of the blenheims.  (There is still a obvious reason why we are showing different colours!)

On the Saturday Alan (Amantra Alan A'Dale) won the junior class with an honour price, and young promising Cherie (Tibama's Mademoiselle Cherie) won the female junior class with a CK. 

On the Sunday Alan won the junior class for males once more - this time with a CK, and he ended up with his first CC and as second best male.  A really nice day for a male who is just 12 months old!  Alan is a dream of a show dog.  Just put the lead on him, and he rises his head, moves on with a lovely head carriage and a perfect tail.

Asterix (Tibama's Golden Sunshine) seemed to love being back in the Norwegian showring even if his placements could have been better, but he is "only" a ruby....

Amantra Alan A'Dale, DOB 7th December 2006

(Amantra Robin Hood & Ch.Amantra Iolanthe)

D CH Tibama's Golden Sunshine, DOB 27th June 2004

(Tibama's Red Shadow & Ch.Tibama's Golden Gracie)



Joggum has left, and Asterix is back!

Last week we said goodbye to Ch.Joggum Û'ut Urmenveen when he went back to Holland.  He was with us for 1 1/2 years, and he has really been an influent dog for our particolours.  The reason why we wanted him so much, was exactly to improve the quality of our particolours  Now we have a really good feeling that Joggum came and did what we wanted him to do.  We are really happy with the puppies he has given us.  He also got his Norwegian championship, and he was a pleasure to show.  We wish him all luck with his future show carrier down in Europe.

In the meantime, our lovely rubymale, Tibama's Golden Sunshine has lived in Holland and Germany, and a few weeks ago he got his German Championship.  With the two championships and some breeding, it was time for the two dogs to go back to their own countries.  Here Asterix is:

D CH Tibama's Golden Sunshine, DOB 27th June 2004

(Tibama's Red Shadow & Ch.Tibama's Golden Gracie)

For Asterix pedigree, just click on the photo.  To see more photos just click her:   Asterix


An handsome dog from Germany!

A few weeks ago Røge's Black Rebel at Eichfeld (Rebel) joined our show team for a while.  He comes from Eichfeld's Cavaliers in Germany, where Tibama's Golden Master Builder (Simba) and Tibama's Golden Edition (Armani) at the moment are enjoying their life with shows and studs.  Rebel is a German youth champion with a nice pedigree.  He has the sweetiest temperament, and he absolutely loves showing.  We are really happy and proud to know that he will be staying here for some months for showing and studs.

We are thankful to Diana & Thomas Frank for caring so well for our two dogs, and also for letting us have Rebel up here. 


                                                            Røge's Black Rebel at Eichsfeld, DOB 8th January 2006


Showing puppies is always exciting

On the 2nd December our two young hopefuls - Lion and Celine - had a really great start of their showing.  Without having shown at all earlier they ended up as BOB puppy and BOS puppy - both just 4 months old and the two youngest ones in the breed.  We are looking forward to their future showing in 2008!

BOB to the left: Tibama's Joker by Urmenveen and BOS to the right, Tibama's Rainbows End

Judge: Mona Selbach, Norway


Salador Comfy is maturing nicely - slow to mature - lasting for a long time.. Proud sire of three lovely litters

Salador Comfy, DOB 30th June 2005

(Sanickro Des Ress & Salador Crow Princess)


The lovely Tibama-tricolor in Iceland was an international champion at the big show up there in October!

Int Icelandic Champion Tibama's Captains Pride, DOB 13th May 2001

(Ch.Pamedna Paddy Whack & Ch.Tibama's Sea Star)

Con Gratulations to Bjarney Sigurdardottir and Dennis!  Well done!


BOB and his first CACIB to Rosspenn Rhubarb Crumble at the Kennel Club Show on the 6th October!

BOS - Ch. Makenna Prettiest Star to the left and BOB Ch. Rosspenn Rhubarb Crumble to the right.

Tiban - our lovely ruby who moved to Holland - does well at shows

Tiban got his third CAC late in September and is now close up to become a German Champion.  We are really thankful to H.Boelaars and his handler N.Geipel who care so well for him!

Tibama's Golden Sunshine (Tiban) DOB 27th June 2004

(Tibama's Red Shadow & Ch.Tibama's Golden Gracie)


Best Male and BOS to Joggum at the Championship on the 30th September!

Bob Nordåstoppens Johanna to the right and Bos Ch.Joggum U'ût Urmenveen to the left

Judge: Mona Selbach, Norway

Apollo is also coming nicely even if he still needs a bit more time to be absolutely confident in the ring.  He won the class for

youngster wiht a CK.

Tibama's Christmas Sensation DOB 23th December 2005

(Clopsville Jack Daniels & Tibama's Golden Juliet)

Apollo & Laura are  making a nice couple together - similar in sice and type.  After having been placed every time at outdoor shows, Laura has just found out that she does not want to walk inside on floors with lines in different colours.  Hopefully this is now sorted out.  Here are the two together:

Tibama's Laura Ashley to the left and Tibama's Christmas Sensation to the right.

Not to forget - we have still got the charlies as well.  This time it was Robbie's day:

Ch.Rosspenn Rhubert Cumble, DOB 12th July 2005



Simba and Armani are really enjoying their stay in Germany!

Tibama's Golden Master Builder (Simba) and Tibama's Golden Edition (Armani) have since the beginning of June stayed at kennel Eichsfeld in Germany.  The two dogs are there for showing, and they are also available for studs.  We are impressed how Diana und Thomas Frank have managed to make the two settle quickly in the new surroiundings and also the way they are caring for them.  They both look happy and well settled,  and they are both in a lovely condition.

Tibama's Golden Master Builder

(Ch.Homerbrent Perry & Tibama's Golden Juliet)

Tibama's Golden Edition

(Ch.Tibama's Highland Saludos Amigo & Tibama's Golden Katarina)

The two will be staying there untill next spring, and we take the opportunity to thank Diana and Thomas for all the work they have done and will do with our two dogs.



Championship to Black Cotton Amantra on the 18th August! 

Bjørnar and Max did it!

Max got his third CC and his crown under breed judge Jean Grant on Saturday the 18th August.  It was really nice to make up another wholecolour champion, and we are also really proud of Bjørnar who has got all the three CC's for Max.

Norw.Ch. Black Cotton Amantra, DOB 17th September 2003

(GB CH Amantra Cloth of Gold & Miss Teeq)


CC to Amantra Isla and lot of other nice placements at the double show for adult dogs in Hallingdal on the 4th and 5th August

Amantra Isla, our lovely young tricolor girl, got her first CC and was BOB at the championshipshow in Hallingdal on Saturday the 4th.  Ch.Joggum U'ût Urmenveen was second in championclass and 3rd in the competition of best male.

On Sunday Joggum ended up as 4th best male, Amantra Isla won her class, while the rest of the team had nice placements with CK's or honourprices.

Amantra Isla winning CC and BOS on the Saturday.

Judge: Liz Stannard, England


Alan A'Dale came, joined our particoulourteam and won at his first show!

We have been so lucky in getting the opportunity of buying young Alan from det Amantra's.  Alan is a perfect addition to our other particolours.  He is combining the good, old sound Amantra's with some of the other winning bloodlines in the UK.  Alan is a totally uncomplicated dog - happy as ever - at home, at shows and in the car.  We are really thankful to Diana Fry & Tracy Jackson for letting us have this promising youngster.

Amantra Alan A'Dale, DOB 7th December 2006

(Amantra Robin Hood & GB CH Amantra Iolanthe)

BOB at the puppy show in Hallingdal with an excellent write up the very first time he entered the show ring.


A new exciting championshipshow on the 28th July

Ch. Joggum U¨^ut Urmenveen is going on - winnong BOB once more.  We had also lot of other great placements:

Amantra Isla and Tibama's April Sun won their classes, and April Sun ended up as 4th best bitch

Tibama's Super Trooper and Tibama's Incredible Rockstar were second in their classes.  All our dogs ended up with CK (championquality).

Judge: Michael Forte, Ireland

The two charlies entered, Ch. Amantra Chopin and Ch. Amantra Victoriana ended up as BOB and BOS.


We welcome Xantes Priince who arrived at Tibama some weeks ago

Xantes Prince vom Paulinenhof is the result of a long and pleasant contact with Heidi Junghans.  More than two years ago we agreed that she got a ruby female from us, and then we wanted another cavalier back with the strong and interesting breeding which Paulinenhof has got.  This time we used quite a lot of time to get Xantes, also because of the blood test systems, but nevertheless; we have got a lovely black/tan male who suits perfect in in our breeding.  We are so thankful to Heidi and Dieter for letting us have this beautiful dog, and especially thankful that they kept him for about a year before he was allowed to go to Norway.

Xantes Prince vom Paulinenhof, DOB 27th April 2006

(for the pedigree: Have a look under "males")

Championshipshow in Skien on the 14th July

It was really nice being back in the ring even if the break was not that long.  The results were also amazing.  Lord  - Tibama's Lord of the Ring - was once more BOS puppies.  The big surprise of the day was Tibama's Super Trooper, eleven months old and out at shows for the very first time in his life.  The weather was not so good, so the show was arranged inside in a really narrow and noisy hall.  Nevertheless; he showed as an experienced showdog and ended up with the Dog CC.  Joggum, his sire, won the championclass, was best male and ended up as BOB.  No doubt, this is the first time ever we have been doing so well with two tricolors on one day!  They are very similar and a really nice duo.

It is interesting to experience that showing up particolours is different from showing up wholecolours, no matter what people say or mean.  I must admit - at the moment we really enjoy showing our promising and winning particolours.  The wholecolours are not forgotten.  We are on our way back with a strong team, but we will probably show more particolours in the coming years than what we have done during the last ten-twenty years when the wholecolours have been our central and almost only show dogs.

BOB: Chlii's Key to Lilje-Eva's Heart  BOS: Tibama's Lord of the Ring

Judge: Trygve Heyerdahl, Norway

Tibama's Super Trooper, DOB 8th August 2006

(D CH Norw.CH Joggum U'Üt Urmenveen & Tibama's Starlight)

BOB: D CH Norw.Ch Joggum U'Üt Urmenveen BOS: Chili's Good Evening

Judge: Mona Selbach, Norwøay

Championshipshows on the 16th & 17th June 2007

We had a really nice weekend, doing quite well at the shows.  Ch.Amantra Chopin took over and was BOB on both days, while Ch.Amantra Victoriana ended up as BOS.  In Cavaliers Tibama's Lord of the Ring was BOS puppies on Saturday, and Ch.Joggum U'ut Urmenveen did well, being 3rd best male on Saturday and 2nd best male on Sunday.  We had some other really nice placements as well.  Amantra Isla is doing great all the time, but she still needs to be more confident in her movements.  Hopefully the coming break from shows for 4 weeks will give some improvement.


Championshipshow on the 10th June 2007

Today we did really well.  Liljeskogens Karisma Kamilia got the bitch CC (her second) and BOB, and Ch.Joggum Ut't Urmenveen was BOS.

Liljeskogens Karisma Kamilia to the right and Ch.Joggum Ut't Urmenveen to the left.

Judge Barbara Wood, Usa

Tibama's Lord of the Ring was again BOS:

BOB puppies Chili's Key to Lilje-Eva's Heart to the right and BOS puppies Tibama's Lord of the Ring to the left.

Judge: Sonja Björklund, Sweden

Ch.Amantra Chopin and Ch.Amantra Victoriana "were off" today, but Ch.Rosspenn Rhubert Crumble took over and got his first BOB for a long time.

Ch.Rosspenn Rhubarb Crumble

Championshipshows on 2nd and 3rd June 2007

At the championshipshow arranged by the Norwegian Kennel Club on the 2nd May our charlies had a really great day.  Ch.Amantra Chopin was best male with CACIB, Ch.Amantra Victoriana was best of breed with CACIB and young Amantra Portia got her first CC and ended up as second best bitch.

Ch.Amantra Victoriana to the left and Ch.Amantra Chopin to the right.  Judge: Leif Ragnar Hjort, Norway

Amantra Portia, DOB 19th April 2006 (Amantra Carte Noir With Brendek & Summer Tiara Amantra)

At the championshipshow on Sunday the two champions did the same - Victoria ended up as best of breed and Pep was best male:

Ch.Amantra Victoriana to the left and Ch.Amantra Chopin to the right.

Judge: Mickey Mc Lennon, Australia

Our two young promising puppies had a great day.  Our young ruby male, Tibama's Lord of the Ring was BOS and the charming young blenheim girl, Tibama's Mademoiselle Cherie was BOB.  Cherie ended up being number 2 in the competition of best in show!  Well done for a young lady just being a bit older than 4 months.

Tibama's Lord of the Ring to the left and Tibama's Mademoiselle Cherie to the right.

Judge: Ann-Christin Johansson, Sverige

Tibama's Mademoiselle Cherie, DOB 27th January 2007 (Salador Comfy & Tibama's Golden Chasmin)


Tibama's Mademoiselle Cherie winnning Best in Show 2.

Judge: Peter Jolly, England

Championship weekend arranged by the Norwegian Cavalierclub on the 19th -20th May:

We had a great weekend with lots of really good placements.  With an entry of more than 100 adults and almost 30 puppies on Saturday and about 85 adults and 25 puppies on Sunday,  we are really happy with these results: First of all: Joggum got the dog CC and got his Norwegian Crown on the 19th May, ending up as 2nd best male and number 3 in the competition of Best in Show:
Judge: Sandra Ireland-Cooke, Charnell kennels, England



German and Norwegian Champion Joggum Ut't Urmenveen, DOB 4th Januaray 2004.

Young, promising Laura won a big juniorclass of 18 entries on both days at her two first > shows as an adult, and she even ended up as number 5 in the competition of  Best in show on the Sunday:

Tibama's Laura Ashley, DOB 2nd July 2006 > here with the judge on the Sunday, Lorraine Hughes, Loranka kennels. > Amantra Isla is back, and she had two really good days as well:  On the Saturday she was second in her class and ended up as 4th best bitch. On Sunday she was number three in the same class.



Amantra Isla, DOB 8th January 2006 > The puppies: Arina's and Ringo's two young puppies, Tibama's Lord of the Ring & Tibama's Queen of the Ring, were both shown on Sunday.  They both ended up as second in their classes with honour prices.  Our young sweet blenheim bitch, Cherie, out of the litter we had earlier this year with all four colours, won her class on Sunday and ended up as number 5 in the competion of Best in Show puppies. Really well done for a young girl at 4 months!

Mariann with Tibama's Mademoiselle Cherie - 4 months old.

Taking into account that Salador Channon was placed as number 4 in a big open class of   adults on Saturday, Tibama's Santas Surprise was placed as number 3 in his junior class, also on Saturday, Liljeskogen's Karisma Kamilia was placed as number 3 in a big open class for bitches on Saturday, and that Tibama's Oklahoma ende up as number 4 in the same big open class for dogs on Sunday , we have every reason to remember this weekend for a really, really long time. Not to forget -  we had best progeny group on Saturday and best breeder's group on both days: Here is the breeders group -  the photo is made on Saturday:

From the left: Tibama's Center of Attention, Tibama's Laura Ashley, Tibama's Santas Sensation and Tibama's Oklahoma.

 Championshipshow in Kristiansand on the 13th May : Cert, Cacib og BIM til Candy:

Feetfire's Tutti Frutti DOB 15th January 2006. Judge: Hans v.d.Berg, Holland. Cacib og BIR til Victoria:


Norw.Ch.Amantra Victoriana DOB 4th May 2005 > ( Crimbledale Regal Knight Amantra & Amantra Windrose . Judge: Soile Bister, Finland.